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May Gray and Sunset Flights

We've sure had some really unusual weather this year. The gray overcast seems to linger longer in the morning, and the convective afternoon winds then flare up. I know we've had to cancel or reschedule some of the demo or training flights, but it's for your safety.

That said... sometimes, just sometimes, the clouds break, the winds lay down a little and a great afternoon emerges. That was the case on Tuesday, May 17th. The overcast broke late in the afternoon and the winds settled to make for a magnificent opportunity to take flight. So take flight I did!

As a Sport Pilot, the FAA rules around flight is that flight can begin at the beginning of Civil Morning Twilight, and must end at the end of Civil Evening Twilight. In this case, End of Civil Evening Twilight was 8:16 PM. I was on the ground well before then, but it was glorious overflying the city as the sun set in the horizon.

And just because I like the Phillips 66 logo at the FBO, I wanted to take a sunset photo of that:

It's days like these that it's wonderful to be able to take flight and really enjoy the city from a whole different perspective.

But I wasn't the only one enjoying the evening at the airport. A Corvette enthusiast group gathered on the ramp in front of Wings Cafe. Think of all the horsepower on the ramp at one time! It was good to see folks enjoying the airport for other purposes besides flying.

And for you eagle-eyed pilots, yes, that's the KFI Radio tower in the middle of the photo. The one that you WILL avoid, right? Luckily it's not really a factor with the Remos. The climb is stout on this aircraft, so you'll be at 850 feet mean sea level before you know it, and can easily turn away from the tower with plenty of room to spare.

Folks - days like we've been having are sometimes a challenge, but opportunities to fly can occur at any time. We're blessed because we have so many clear days throughout the year to fly, so it's hard to complain. However, if you're itching to see the city lights in the afternoon or early evening, give us a call and we'll let you know if the weather conditions will cooperate to give you a great flight.

Blue Skies!

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