Photos from Airport Day (May 7)

May 7, 2016


Today was Fullerton Airport's annual "Airport Day."  The day started off cool, brisk and (thankfully) dry.  The clouds brought rain yesterday, but only looked a little threatening in the early morning, but began to clear by mid morning.  In the end, it was a great day, and I think all of the attendees agreed.  The airport parking was filled to capacity!


I made my rounds earlier in the morning before the crowds grew so I could get a few photos in.  By 10:00 AM, we were busy and we had plenty of folks coming by to check out our Remos aircraft, ask questions, and sign-up for our flight training!


It sure was great to meet folks this morning.  Lots of great questions, and we loved showing folks the Remos aircraft and explaining the Sport Pilot program.


Without further delay, here's a few photos and a video of vintage Yaks flying in formation at the end.


Blue Skies, my friends!



Deon Lombard - Owner of FlyLightSportCA by one of the Remos GX trainers.

Mike Draznin - Chief Flight Instructor taking a well deserved break

Sheryl - one of the friendly faces at General Aviation standing in front of the Cirrus display

 A replica Ford GT40 Mk I.  Planes and sports cars look so good together

 ...And who wouldn't want to win this beautiful 1965 Mustang?

 How'd the Luftwaffe get in here?

 Our Law Enforcement friends that operate from KFUL, including the OC Sheriff's Department...

 ...the California Highway Patrol... 

 ...and the Anaheim Police Department.

Air Combat USA provided the hangar space so the Model Building Club could organize and provide kids models to build at the airport.  The kids loved it!

 Vintage Marine fighter - gorgeous!

 The Fullerton chapter of the 99's Club of Women Pilots 

 Motorcycles and Airplanes seem to go well together also.  That other vehicle is a Can-Am Spyder.

 Gorgeous biplane, and crowds gathering around the Douglas DC-3 in the background

A close-up of a young aviator in the cockpit of the DC-3.  See?  Never too young to fly!

 Another shot of the DC3 with the clouds in the background making for a dramatic shot!

Wasn't sure what this was, so had to take a closer look.  It sure was small as a single seater aircraft.  I thought it might have been an elaborate toy...

 ... but it turns out it's a hand fabricated Thatcher CX-4!  I bet it's a lot of fun to fly!

Wings Cafe was full today (as I speculated in my last post.)  But thankfully there was good food on the tarmac today.

 A photo of a group of Vans RV aircraft flying in formation.

 And finally, the short video of the Yaks flying in formation.  A fun day overall!





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