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May 7 is Airport Day at KFUL

May 7 (as in, this coming Saturday) is the annual Airport Day at Fullerton Airport! Click on the City of Fullerton's link for a schedule of events and photos from last year's great turnout! (Be sure to scroll down the page to see all the photos!)

Because of the activity at the airport and the aerial demonstrations, we won't be flying on this day. But we'll be at the airport, and you can come see our Remos GX aircraft and ask us any questions. Bring the family! This is a great family event with plenty of activities for the kids!

We wrote in a previous blog about dining places at Fullerton Airport. Wings Cafe is onsite and very popular. We've had many-a-great-meal here and the staff is friendly. (Try the biscuits and gravy!) But since it's popular, it can get busy. Best to stop in earlier and/or get your name on the "wait list."

If you're planning to attend and are hungry before or after arrival, here's a few other places that are nearby that we've had good meals at:

The Egg Cracker Restaurant More that just breakfast, this is a nicely decorated, sit-down restaurant to the North-East of the airport. I'm partial to the corned beef hash with two over easy eggs... but they have a lot more than that.

McDonalds, Taco Bell and Carl's Jr just to the North-West of the airport. Pretty standard and familiar fare for fast food. See the highlights on the map to the right to see the location (Go west on Commonwealth and then turn right on Beach Blvd.)

Miguel Magallon's Restaurant (formerly Bernie's Place): A low key place with really good Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices. This is at 7912 Commonwealth Blvd (just west of the airport)

The Old Spaghetti Factory. A great place for pasta at reasonable prices. East of the airport near Commonwealth and Harbor.

Rutebegorz's. If you're looking for healthier food and vegan options, this is your place. Good food and not far from the airport!

Hope to see everyone at the airport!

Blue Skies!

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