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Our offices in General Aviation

In a previous blog post, we mentioned that our offices are now at the end of the hallway at General Aviation. But visitors and prospective students that come by may not know how to find us. Our office address is 3915 W. Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton (as seen on the footer of each page of our website), but folks may not know how to access the office.

First - any airport is a secure facility. Fullerton Airport is no exception, and there are locked gates for entry to the General Aviation facility, and another gate to access the ramp area of the airport. That's why we ask that visitors and prospective students call in advance so we can open the gate for you.

Where's the gate? Well, follow the "Office" arrow in the photo to the left. There is a call box on the fence and that will ring the General Aviation offices. If you tell them that you're here for Fly Light Sport CA, they will buzz you through the gate.

Please keep in mind that the General Aviation hours is approximately 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Fly Light Sport CA's office hours are by appointment only, but usually 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

But what if you've arrived early for your appointment? We have a very nice airport restaurant called "Wings Cafe." They're located just under the Control Tower, and they operate from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you've arrived early for your appointment and are a little hungry, you can have a nice meal at Wings Cafe until your appointment time. We've had quite a few breakfasts and lunch at Wings Cafe and have really enjoyed it.

If you're close to your appointment time, you can wait in the Pilot Lounge area at General Aviation. There is water, coffee and tea available, and soft drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Sometimes the General Aviation staff or Pilots will bring in treats that are available for all to share. Today, we had fresh bagels, cream cheese, butter and jam available. Other times, there may be donuts or cookies available. The pilot community at Fullerton Airport is a close-knit one.

We need to advise all visitors of two things:

First - a safety item: If you are arriving with small children, please keep them within the General Aviation offices or at Wings Cafe, but never unsupervised on the airport ramp. This is a busy airport with many aircraft in motion. Please do not jeopardize your children's safety by having them run freely on the ramp.

Secondly, please be considerate of pilots and staff in the General Aviation offices. This is a working pilot's lounge, where pilots will meet to review flight conditions and flight paths, use the computer to file flight plans, or request General Aviation to provide fuel or other services. It's a good idea not to have too many folks congregate in this area.

While it's never easy to deliver such information, we felt it is necessary as we've seen some dangerous activity around the ramp, and some aviators have been inconvenienced looking for space to review charts and discuss flight plans. We would rather provide this guidance up front rather than have an avoidable accident occur. We hope you will understand and can help us stay in compliance with this safety points. And we thank you in advance.

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