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Come on in! The weather's great!

There's been a lot of talk about the El Nino weather and to be sure, we're feeling it. Except it's not quite the rain we're expecting (though we hear that's coming.) It's been unseasonably warm in Southern California, but the weather has been fantastic for flying!

Below, you'll see a photo of our illustrious instructor, Mike, giving a post-flight briefing to one of our students. It was mid-day on Sunday with beautiful blue skies and a bit of wind thrown in. And we're not shy to say that our fleet of Remos aircraft sure love to fly!

The same Sunday, we had one of our students (we'll call him "Bob" because, well... that's his name) flew his Solo Cross Country trip! Congratulations to Bob on his 141 nautical mile flight! Bob reported that the flight conditions were great, the views fantastic and the experience... PRICELESS! He was kind enough to share some of the photos he took along his planned route.

Bob reports that the flight conditions were ideal. It was calm, and the flight was smooth. He took the below photo of the Newport Coast/Crystal Cove area of Orange County and remarked how the coastline looked a lot like a stingray! Folks, it sure does, and you can only see this from the air!

And here's a photo Bob provided of the Laguna Beach coastline. It's amazing to see the turqoise waters and the homes built right along the rolling hills.

Bob included this picture of the Dana Point coastline and the haze that formed along the coast. The haze is easy to look through, so Visual Flight Rules (VFR) flight conditions prevailed.

So, who wouldn't want to see the San Onofre nuclear power plant from the air? Bob admits that he had to zoom in with the camera on his phone to take this picture as he was further off the coast. But it's a great view from a seldomly seen angle... unless you sail by in a boat or fly over in an airplane!

The last photo Bob shared with us is this shot over Murietta, California. Bob was on the return leg of his flight when he snapped this picture over Interstate 15. It's clearly visible and an easy visual reference to follow to the Corona Pass.

So the only question that remains for Bob is: How did you take these pictures when you were supposed to be flying the plane?

Just kidding folks - the plane was stabilized in flight which allowed Bob to take photos and reference the Sectional Chart as he flew. Give us a call and we can take you for a flight of your own, show how easy it is to trim the Remos for stable flight, and get a view of Orange County (or beyond!) like you've never seen before!

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