Great Winter Flights

One of our family of pilots who rent our aircraft took a flight over Downtown LA, and the view of Los Angeles from the air is breathtaking, even when it's overcast and there's some obscuration (fog) in the area.

We really enjoy instructing our students out of Fullerton Airport. The location is not only convenient to Los Angeles and Orange County based students, it's also far enough inland that fog tends to burn off quickly. That allows our students to schedule and keep their flight reservations and training sessions.

There's so much to see in and around Orange County and Los Angeles... and viewing it from the air makes it that much more memorable. If you're still thinking about whether flying is for you, come take a Discovery Flight with us. We'll give you all the information you'll need to make an informed decision, but more importantly, you'll take flight and experience sights and sensations that only a flight can provide. And our CFIs check the weather to ensure that safe flight conditions prevail at the time of your flight. You're in good hands when you fly with us! We look forward to taking you on your first flight!

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