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Student Dual Cross Country Flight and Video

One of our students is very close to his checkride! On Saturday (December 19), he flew with Chief Flight Instructor Mike Draznin in his first, Dual Cross Country flight! He flew from Fullerton (KFUL) to French Valley (F70).

His PIREP was that it was a beatiful day to fly. Cruise altitude was 3000 feet down through Corona and Lake Elsinore, with a planned cruise speed of 90 knots, the views spectacular, and the air mostly smooth. (Just a little turbulence over the hills.) Here's a view of his flight path that was roughly plotted on SkyVector:

And here's a YouTube video of his return flight from French Valley to Fullerton.

If you can see yourself behind the stick in the cockpit, give us a call! We'd love to show you how easy and relaxed it is to fly the Remox GX, and maybe you too can fly your own cross country to French Valley... or beyond!

Blue Skies and Happy Holidays!

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