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Two Blog Posts - One Day... to announce something Very Exciting!

Two blog posts in one day! But for good reason. We are really, really excited to have moved our other Remos GX to the Fullerton Airport (KFUL). We have a great roster of eager students, and it made sense to have two aircraft at the same airport to so our dual instruction and solo students can have greater access to the aircraft.

First... the Ballistic Recovery System (BRS, or airframe parachute). You WANT to see this on your training aircraft, and even your personal aircraft.

What is it? It's the Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) parachute hatch! This is a purposely manufacturered thinner area of the fuselage that the rocket propelled parachute will exit in the event that deployment is needed.

We are a firm believer in providing our students with safe, efficient aircraft with modern construction. And that's what you see here.

Below is a video from November 3, 2015 of a Cirrus in Arkansas that deployed its parachute. The occupants had minor injuries and walked away from the accident! And the Cirrus is a $750,000 aircraft! You can feel confident that our aircraft, equipped with a similar rocket propelled parachute, will keep you safe in the unlikely need for deployment.

OK - now pictures of the rest of our Remos in the hangar in Fullerton. We've removed the wheel-pants on the main gear as it can become damaged in the training environment. But it does give us the opportunity to show you the tundra tires on this Remos GX. They're a little wider than the stock sized tires. We land on paved runways in Southern California, but it never hurts to have the assurance of more durable tires!

And our Remos has cinammon leather seats, ballistic recov- ery parachute (BRS), auto pilot, and we're updating the GPS unit. We want to ensure that our students have the best platform to learn on, and in turn, this helps our students learn faster and be more confident as aviators.

Winter time flying in Southern California can be dramatic, with snow capped mountains and temperate beaches. It's also a great time to fly, as our students are experiencing! If you can picture yourself in the cockpit above... then you're ready to take the next step. Give us a call for a discovery flight to see and experience the wonders of avaiation!

Blue Skies!

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