We're revamping our website!

As you may have noticed... we're revamping our website! Lots of changes in aviation, and the Light Sport Certificate is sure getting a lot of positive attention. From new aviators to folks interested in commercial drone operations, we're getting plenty of inquiries!

Bear with us as we revamp the site. And we'll try to keep up the blog with new photos on a regular basis. Maybe not every day or week... at least, not in the beginning, but we'll shoot for at least once a month to start.

In the interim, here's one of our favorite videos from the Wings Over the Rockies Museum (http://wingsmuseum.org). Incredibly inspirational, and Harrison Ford is the perfect choice to narrate this video. Wouldn't it be grand to fly yourself to Colorado and take a tour through the museum? Maybe you will some day! And hopefully we can help you with that dream!

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