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Wings Over the Rockies Museum

Great video narrated by Harrison Ford that just stirs the soul and makes us want to run out and fly!

Our Student doing Steep Turn Training:

Here's our student Zach (who's 12 years old, by the way) doing his steep turn training in the Remos GX over the La Habra practice area

Folding the Remos GX's wings... Yes, they are meant to do that!

We don't fold the wings on our Remos GX since our students fly it so often.  But here's a great video showing how the wings fold and stow.

Remos G3 flying in Europe

The G3 is the predecessor to the GX, but both are popular in Europe.  This video illustrates why we chose the Remos GX as a trainer... namely the great view outwards and below (for ground reference training.)

Intro Flight!

This is a well done video of an instructor out of North Carolina teaching a student to fly in the Remos GX!  Notice... no doors!

Flight for the Human Spirit

Pilot Michael Combs flew Coast-to-Coast in the Remos GX Light Sport Aircraft... in 2 days!  He set a world's record!  Watch the video and see Michael Comb's website at

Birth of a Remos GX:

This video shows how the Remos GX is built.  Great way to see how well constructed and how strong the airframe is on a Remos!

Ballistic Recovery System (BRS) deployment in a Cirrus - Nov 2015

The video below is from November 2015 and the deployment of the airframe parachute, known as a BRS, in a Cirrus aircraft.  All occupants walked away with minor injuries.

Cirrus ballistic parachute deployment over Pacific Ocean - Jan 2015

This Cirrus deployed its parachute as it ran out of fuel over the Pacific Ocean.  The Ferry Pilot landed in the ocean, had time to deploy a raft, and was recovered by a cruise ship soon after splash down.

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