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Flight Training: 

Become a Pilot


We at Fly Light Sports CA want you to succeed in your training and achieve your dream of flight.  While the table below gives the FAA minimum training requirements, we realize that most students require more time to complete their training.


At Fly Light Sports CA, our students complete their training close to the FAA minimum hours.  While we can't guarantee that everyone will complete their training within a set of hours (everyone learns at different rates), we believe our equipment and training helps our students achieve their sport pilots license in the shortest period of time while being fully proficient pilots.  We proudly boast that we have an extremely low drop-out rate from our students.  To learn more about our approach, click on Our Program link on the menu bar above.

Did You Know??

Hours earned in pursuing the Sport Pilot Certificate can be applied to your Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot training?  


It's true!  But there's a caveat... you must be trained by flight instructor with the appropriate rating.  Our flight instructors are certified to train Private Pilots, so all your hours will carry over!


Why not start flying sooner with the Sport Pilot Certificate and, if you decide to advance to Private Pilot, we can help you achieve that certificate also!


We train Foreign Pilots also!  Contact us for details.

Meet Zach...

This is Zach.  He's 12 years old and is a one of our students at Fly Light Sport CA.


Here you see Zach doing a pre-flight inspection with Mike, our Chief Flight Instructor.  Zach is "burping" the Rotax engine so they can perform an oil level check on the Remos GX.  


Below, you see Zach's final approach to landing later that day - straight down the center of the runway at Fullerton.  (That's runway 24 for all you aviators out there!)

While Zach won't be able to test for his Sport Pilot certificate until he's 17 years old and has his driver's license, he is free to begin his training now.


And if Zach so desires, at 17 years of age, he can fly drones commercially and earn $100K or more per year.

When Zach's parents looked for a flight school, one of their criteria was to find a school that offered a modern aircraft with glass panel avionics, excellent flight characteristics, and most importantly, a solid safety record.  


Fly Light Sport CA and the Remos GX met all those criteria.  With the carbon fiber and kevlar Remos GX, the aircraft is modern, strong and light weight.  The glass panel Dynon EFIS and Garmin GPS makes sure that Zach has all the information he'll need in flight.  And a ballistic airframe parachute helps to ensure Zach's safety.


Blue Skies, Zach! 

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