Deon Lombard - Owner, Fly Light Sport CA

Deon, a native of South Africa, is the owner of Fly Light Sport CA.  Deon's family has deep roots in aviation, and it carries forward in Deon's education as an Aviation Engineer, his passion for flight, training future aviators, and watching the amazement and joy in his students.


Deon's family started the first air cargo service in South Africa, and that company continues to operate today. Safair Freighters was founded by Anton Lombard, a former World War II pilot who survived being downed and escaped capture and returned to the fight.  That cargo company is currently the largest air cargo company in South Africa, and recently began commercial passenger service.


As the owner of Fly Light Sports California, Deon's goal was to introduce new aviators to Light Sport aviation, the option to continue training to Private Pilot if desired, or assist drone operators in their career to become Commercial Drones Pilots.


Deon's passion has always been to bring the most advanced and safest aircraft to market for his students and his customers.  Deon is a distributor for three different Light Sport Aircraft (and one amphibious aircraft), one of which is sure to the Light Sport market's interest:  the ONE Aircraft  


Pete Schutte Chief CFI - Fly Light Sport CA

David Leslie, CFI

Our professional pilots have thousands of hours of flight training experience.  Pete and David are client favorites, and experts at training all individuals, from first timers, novices to licensed pilots who want to become commercial or drone pilots.


Pamela Lombard - Office Manager/ Student Liaison

Former flight attendant and bilingual in Spanish and English, Pamela manages the office and administration of Fly Light Sport in the new office, adjacent to Fullerton airport.

You can reach Pamela directly at (949) 393-0556.